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What happend to this game?
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TEMA: What happend to this game?
What happend to this game? hace 11 Meses, 2 Semanas Karma: 0

So asking the community, is it even worth the effort to try get into this game, or do you feel like the plug is gonna get pulled soon. Because i don't really see this game surviving 2018.
Are there other factors than the game itself (And i could imagine Loot boxes as well) that has caused basically everyone to run away?that's rather sad, because at the core of it all, it's a beautiful game, visually. It plays well and the tanks feels rather nice to drive with. And PvE is something i miss from WoT, although i can see why it's hard to both balance it and make it fun at the same time.Personally i think they need to make it much more like WoT, or Warthunder. Bigger maps, much bigger game modes. And revamp the maps, i feel like they're way too small.

Please help.

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