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Previous Streets Invested Sum
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TEMA: Previous Streets Invested Sum
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I would like to create a stat which takes the total sum we've invested previous streets per street. The reason why I think this would be useful is that, if you were to wanna analyze a certain line in your database, say whether or not you have made profitable check-calls with a certain type of holding after calling preflop is ifyou take the total amount you paid preflop to get to the flop and compare that number to your net winnings. So, from the perspective of the flop, if the "until flop" invested sum is: -1050$ and our net won after we call is: -950$, we've made a 100$ profit. This would be a simple thing to figure out on its own if everyone was using identical bet sizes, but since they don't, we need each hand to be individually summed up and if you wanna make this type of analysis over thousands of hands (which is the only way for it to actually become relevant), you need to know how much you've invested up until each street. So, to analyze the flop, we'd need the preflop investments summed up, to analyze the turn, we'd need the preflop + flop investments summed up, and to analyze the river, we'd need the preflop + flop + turn investments summed up. So, this would require three separate stats, it's purpose is to be used in a report. I have written a few custom stats, but I actually have no idea how to do this one. Could anyone help me out? I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one benefiting from this stat as it's pretty essential when it comes to database analysis. Sorry about the text structure,I cannot skip lines when posting from PT4 it seems.

Any help will be apprecited.

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