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The way you style a wig has a significant impact on how it looks in the end
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TEMA: The way you style a wig has a significant impact on how it looks in the end
The way you style a wig has a significant impact on how it looks in the end hace 1 Mes, 1 Semana Karma: 0
As a result of social media and the fact that the celebrity set doesn't hide behind their wigs, wigs have finally achieved mainstream popularity in the beauty community, after decades of being a staple in many people's daily beauty routine. They are no longer considered a dirty secret; instead, they are widely praised for their versatility, which allows people to switch up their hairstyles in an instant without having to commit to a particular look. As a bonus, they're a fantastic protective style that keeps your own hair from becoming damaged from daily manipulation.

Even though wigs are extremely useful, it is not as simple as simply slapping one on and hoping for the best to be successful. You must be aware of the proper way to attach them in order to avoid an embarrassing situation. We are grateful to Cliff Vmir, a hairstylist and star of the digital BET series Wig Out, who spoke with us and shared some of the most common mistakes he sees body wave lace front wigs   wearers make — as well as some tips on how to avoid making these mistakes in the first place.

1. Purchasing lace-front wigs with a thick lace closure is a good idea.
In order to ensure that whatever lace-front wig you purchase is of high quality and has a thin lace closure that will lay smooth and appear scalp-like when worn, you should always check the manufacturer's warranty before purchasing. If you don't remember what a closure is, it's a hairpiece that is sewn along the front of a unit to give the appearance of a natural hairline. The bulkier the closure appears, the thicker the material used to close it. And that's a dead giveaway to other people that you're wearing a hairpiece, which is counterproductive when the goal is to make your highlight lace closure wigs look as natural as possible. People should purchase lace-front wigs with thin lace rather than thick lace because the thin lace melts and lays better than the thick. Vmir claims that with thin lace, there will be no discernible line of demarcation.

not wearing your wig with your hair braided underneath it
The most important step in ensuring that your wig doesn't look lumpy when you wear it is to properly prep the hair underneath it. Don't forget to braid your hair into cornrows before putting the unit on. In order to maintain a flat foundation underneath, "everyone needs small braids that are going straight back," Vmir explains. The braid foundations are not even being used under the wig cap by some individuals. Simply put, they're pulling their hair back into a bun or a ponytail and slapping on a wig over the top of their own hair."You should never do this because if your hair isn't completely flat beneath a wig, it will appear bumpy or as if the wig is simply sitting on top of your head, which is the opposite of what you want to appear.

3. Failing to bleach and pluck your knots before going out.
If you truly want to ensure that your wig is undetectable even to the most discerning eye, it is worthwhile to bleach and pluck the knots in the front of it to create a more natural part in your hair. Because lace front wigs are hand-sewn to a mesh base, they have tiny knots at the ends, which makes them look more natural. This is especially noticeable when dark hair is used because the knots appear as small black dots that are extremely noticeable, especially where the unit is parted. You can either bleach or pluck them out to make them less noticeable, but be careful not to be too heavy-handed when doing so, or you risk over-plucking or over-processing the hair as a result. Vmir recommends holding the frontal up to the light so that you can see where the knots are, and then using a tint brush to lightly apply bleach to the knots. If you find that the knots are still showing through, repeat the process until the part is to your satisfaction.

4. Excessive styling of your baby hair
While overly styled baby hair is still popular, it's best not to overdo it when wearing a wig in order to ensure that the unit blends seamlessly with your natural hairline. It's important to look as natural as possible when wearing hair that isn't your own. But you don't want to overdo it.""Less is more," says Vmir emphatically. Even though it may be tempting to mold your wispies in elaborate fashion, simply slicking them back with some edge control should be sufficient.

5. Choosing units in unflattering colors for your body type
Everyone is, of course, free to experiment with color, or even multiple hues at the same time, if they so desire. In any case, it's not a bad idea to buy or dye your wigs in colors that complement your skin tone and don't overpower your complexion. He also recommends taking your job and the clothes you normally wear into consideration when choosing a new colored wig so that it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and does not clash with your existing wardrobe. Take a moment to consider your daily routine. Consider your current position. Consider the clothes you put on every day."Make certain that everything works well together," he continues.

6. Not putting forth much effort when it comes to styling your wigs 6.
The way you style a wig has a significant impact on how it looks in the end. Vmir emphasizes that no matter how you choose to alter a wig, you must always "pay attention to details."It doesn't matter that your hairpiece is a fabrication; you still want to fool people into thinking it is growing from your scalp. Make sure you take care in styling and allowing yourself enough time to customize your hairpieces so that they appear as natural as possible when you wear them out. For example, if you're going to do a middle part with curly hair, the curls should just all flow together," Vmir suggests. To finish with an effortless, glam finish, brush or tease out each curl with your fingers.
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