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Barbarian Throw Barb Guide for Diablo 2's Resurrected Barbarian
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TEMA: Barbarian Throw Barb Guide for Diablo 2's Resurrected Barbarian
Barbarian Throw Barb Guide for Diablo 2's Resurrected Barbarian hace 2 Días, 18 Horas Karma: 0
His ancestors were legendary warriors, and he couldn't wait until he was old enough to put his family's reputation on the line for him.  There was only one snag in the plan.  When his father and uncle were involved in a fight, he was assigned the task of cleaning their battle gear.  He despised the smell of the blood that got stuck inside all the small openings in their gear, as were other children of his age.

Whirling made him feel sick to his stomach.  A contributing factor to the problem was that all of the warriors in the village used dual weapons and considered shields to be something that an unskilled warrior would use.  In fact, his father and grandfather had both specialized in frenzy, employing scourges and axes, which were the absolute worst tools for dispersing small body parts throughout the entire battlefield.

No, not even a burning desire or a sworn oath can stop death or destruction.  As a result, he determined that he needed to go to the village armory and look through all of the weapons and other equipment that had been brought home by the victorious over the years, despite the fact that the village was small and the armory was enormous.

As he walked through the armory, he was taken aback by the presence of axes such as Lacerator and Grimmershred, as well as the throwing knife Warshrike.  He too could become a Patriarch if he had access to these weapons! After a brief moment of reflection, he pondered, "But what about before I gain the necessary proficiency to use those incredible weapons, and what about the rest of my equipment?"As he explored the armory further, he realized that there was some fantastic gear available to him at such an early stage of his quest.  Besides this, he discovered that he did not need to develop extreme strength or dexterity in order to use some of the other equipment that would help him get further along in his journey.

As a result, he made the decision to become a throw barbarian.

What are your thoughts? Despite the fact that you don't require the most advanced equipment, there are some things you should keep in mind before committing to the Diablo 2 Barbarian Throw Barb build.

One thing you'll have to make a commitment to is returning to town on a regular basis to restock your supplies.  However, even if they are self-renewing, throw weapons deplete their ammunition quickly.  This means that you'll have to spend some time picking up items to sell in addition to your regular work.  D2R PC runes is also the reason why axes are preferred over javelins.  While you may not be able to throw them as far, you do have a greater number of them.

The second point to mention is that this is not a barbarian build in which you rush in and kill everything until there is nothing left around you.  Neither massive amounts of strength nor a high level of defense are required in order to equip the most effective equipment.  As a result, your best movement direction will frequently be in the reverse direction.  If you are unable to retreat, then this build is most likely not for you.

The third step follows directly from the second: you'll need to employ some form of crowd control.  Because thrown axes do not have the range of bows, it is much easier to be surrounded by a group of people.  The good news is that, depending on your play style, there are a variety of different ways to accomplish this.  More on that later.

The final point to mention is that if you are a pure thrower, you will require a method of dealing with Physical Immunes.  While the one-of-a-kind throwing weapons are more than capable, there are other weapons and equipment that can be used to complete the task.  In order to truly play self-found, you may want to consider putting some points into Berserk in order to deal with the PIs that will be encountered.  It all comes down to whether or not you'll have access to Lacerators and Gimmershreds when the time comes.  If you answered affirmatively, you will not require Berserk.  If the answer is "I don't know," however, it is best to put a few points into Berserk just to be safe.

1.  The manner in which the game is played
Because the playstyle that you choose will have a significant impact on your point distribution, I've prioritized D2R switch runewords above skills and stats in this list.
Throw weapons become available at a very early stage in the game, and you can begin using them as soon as you discover them.  A common complaint about javelins is that there are so few of them in a stack, but they can be thrown farther.  This is true.  The ability to use double throw is unlocked at level 12 and you can begin using it; however, at lower levels, you will be popping mana pots unless you have some mana leach; 4% is more than enough, and once you reach level 60, it doesn't matter if you don't.  DT consumes so little mana that you can still throw even if your mana bulb appears to be completely depleted.  Points should not be wasted by converting them to energy, and you should avoid doing so.

When throwing, it can be extremely beneficial to use the stand still command.  As a result, you will avoid accidentally running into a crowd while trying to aim for a monster.

The weapons select will automatically revert to a normal attack if you use up all of your thrown weapons in a single round.  Reset the attack to double throw after repairing your weapons, and you should be fine.

Aside from learning how to use a slow retreat, leapfrogging backward over your mercenary positioning can be extremely beneficial as well.  Choose locations where they can't mob you from all sides, then pick them off one by one as they come up to you.

There are a variety of methods for controlling crowds, with Howl and Taunt being available almost from the beginning of the game.  Using howls to drive away groups of people and then taunting them back in one or two at a time is common practice.  Taunt is also useful for making range attack monsters forget about you and come closer.  If you have good equipment, you may not need to use these skills very often; however, you should practice them until they become second nature.  It will come to your aid when you are in desperate need.

Leap, also known as Leap Attack, is the next tool for crowd control.  The ability to leap away from a crowd is useful, but we tend to forget that this skill also comes with knockback and stun, making it quite impressive when used on higher levels.  Simply jump in place and wait for them to move back until they reach the maximum range of your jump.

Then there's the gloomy ward.  Once you've collected a couple of bodies, you can cast grim ward to create a barrier that most monsters will flee from.

War Cry is the final installment.  Stun a group of people, then leap or run away and begin hitting them before the stun wears off. . The area affected by Warcry isn't particularly large, and the true value of the spell lies in the duration of the stun.  To make use of War Cry, you will need a 2-second stun, or a total of 6 or 7 with + skill from other equipment, in addition to the stun.

On the Barb forum, there is an extremely old sting from 2005 or 2006 in which SSOG discusses the use of Leap, Grim Ward, and Howl, among other things.   is a good topic for discussion.  Experiment with different approaches and find the ones that work best for you.

2.  The distribution of abilities
Strangely enough, you do not need to maximize your primary skill in order to complete the quest.  Adding levels to double throw only increases the attack rating, and with the increase in attack rating from throw mastery, you won't need to add many more levels to double throw.  The increase in damage is due to a synergy with double swing, which increases damage by 8% per level, which is why double swing is set to its maximum.
To be exact, there are only three skills that need to be at their highest level:
Double Swing is a term that refers to two swings.
Throwing Mastery Battle Command is a battle command that can be used to throw objects.
For the prerequisites, one point is added.  Assuming you have one point for double-throw and three points for bash, howl, and shout, you will have 29 points to spend on other skills at level 85, which is a common level for finishing hell.

So, how do you decide how to distribute these points? Much of Diablo2 Resurrected Items PC will be determined by the equipment and charms that you have available, your preferred style of play, and the crowd control techniques that you choose to utilize.  You will have plenty of time to experiment because there is no pressure to gain skills, and you can always change your mind if you don't like what you've learned.
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